Five, Six, Pick Up: Feathers!

November 20, 2009

This is Bird Gang, Honey!

Fashion’s all aflutter this season with feathers adorning everything from headbands to handbags to heels. As a matter of fact, you may have spotted my feathered fro in a picture or two. I’d never hold out on my homies, so here are a few plumed pieces that have given me heart palpitations:

These Pippa pumps by Lovely People easily boost the "fly" factor of any look. (Available at

Let a Peackock feather cocktail ring be your signature accessory at holiday parties. (Available at VieModerne's Etsy Shop)

Feathered hair accessories are Hollywood favorite. The jewels and netting give it an extra pop of opulence. (Available at

Chain strap bags are another fashion necessity, and Foxcrow's addition of feathers was pure genius. (Visit for more info.)

Since leggings are probably this year’s #1 trend, you can’t go wrong with these Embroidered Metallic Feather Stretch Leggings by DG2. (Available at… go figure.)These Pippa pumps by Lovely People easily boost the “fly” factor of any look. (Available at

Follow the Leader: YSL inspires Dolce Vita

November 5, 2009

Designers Say: When I Move, You Move (But not JUST LIKE that)

So, in case you didn’t know, here’s how it goes: designer labels send their creations for next season down the runways during fashion week (whether NY, Milan, Paris… the list goes on). We ooooh and ahhhh, mags wag about them, starlets and divas’ stylists make their choices, boutiques buy and lower-priced brands take notes. Some time later, we (the reg’la folks) see said starlets sporting the season’s hautest, and eventually, we have access- to the designer versions (if we can afford them) and to one-offs (sometimes knock-offsthink of Alexander McQueen’s legal battle with Steve Madden, etc). While we’ve expressed our disapproval of knock-offs, we see nothing wrong with copping a one-off (which means the brand took inspiration from the style but didn’t copy the item EXACTLY).  Still don’t get it? I’ll illustrate with Yves Saint Laurent’s Imperiale Pumps and Dolce Vita’s April Pumps.

YSL sent these pumps down the runway in February during Fashion Week. (Image via’s Accessory Report.)YSL Imperiale Pumps Red StyleScrybeSays

Quirky, edgy musician and fashion muse, Lady Gaga has been spotted wearing the black suede rendition on numerous occasions. (Images via and Lady Gaga Style, respectively.)

Lady Gaga Imperiale Pump Soleinthecity ShoesNBooze

lady gaga imperiale pump lady-gaga-style StyleScrybeSays












And we have the choice between splurging on the YSL originals or copping the one-off by Dolce Vita.

YSL Imperiale Pump StyleScrybe SaysDolce Vita April StyleScrybe Says









Both pairs have the sculpted demi-wedge and 1 inch platform. However they YSL Imperiale (on the left) has the sumptuous pebbled suede outsole and delicate 4.5 inch slanted heel. The Dolce Vita April (on the right) features a slightly thicker 5 inch heel and rounder toe. It also doesn’t have the sloping side that gives the Imperiale it’s extra sexy profile view. All in all, though the April is a great example of accessible fashion that takes a cue from the runway but doesn’t STEAL from it.

Just So Ya Know: Jimmy Choos’ Project PEP

October 19, 2009

Gimmee A Project (PEP) Chic (One that can help raise bucks… and win for takin pics- said in Juvie voice)

Project PEP logo

Fast Fact: After exposure to HIV, a person has 72 hours AT THE MOST to receive Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatment for it to even be POSSIBLY effective. Basically, in HIV cases, PEP has been shown to help keep the virus from attaching to and attacking cells… meaning, it gives a person a greater chance of not getting the disease after exposure.

Jimmy Choo Project PEP Loop ShoesNBoozeYou’re looking at me like ‘StyleScrybe, an old Cash Money Boys song reference and then an AIDS fact… what the?’ Well, (when I hear the word “project” I always think of that “Project Chick” song) Jimmy Choo is in on a collabo with the Elton John AIDS Foundation to launch the Project PEP collection, which supports the Simelela Rape Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Set up in 2005, the Centre  provides victims of abuse with HIV preventative PEP medicine and to gives them access to medical, counseling and legal support. Jimmy Choo will donate 25% of net sales from Project PEP (JimmyChoo_72 on twitter) to to the Elton John AIDS Foundation in hopes that the funds raised will enable the clinic to stay open 24/7. This way, more women will receive treatment within that crucial 72 hour period.

You Your Shoes and 72 ShoesNBoozeTo get the word out about Project Pep, Jimmy Choo started the “You, Your Shoes and 72” photo competition. Entry is easy. Just upload a photo HERE based on the aforementioned theme (and cross your fingers). The grand prize winner will receive 7 pairs of shoes and 2 bags from Jimmy Choo. However, more than 100 winners will be chosen to receive other exclusive prizes from the Project PEP collection, and many of the winning images will be displayed at the the Project PEP launch event at Selfridges London on October 29th and at other Project PEP events globally. Click here for additional info.

Doppelgangsta: Manolo Blahnik vs. Martinez Valero

September 30, 2009

Point ’em Out! Point ’em, Point ’em Out!

Some designers/ brands are straight gangsta. They produce styles that are seemingly almost identical premier designers’ creations and sell them for a fraction of the price. Some say it’s only fair that the masses have access to fab fashion. Others, however, feel it’s a crime upon the fashion gods themselves. I say it’s like a poor kid pushing a rich kid down and taking just enough of his lunch money to get his own… dig? Today’s rich kid is Manolo Blahnik’sSomething Blue” pumps (you know, Carrie Bradsaw’s wedding shoes… THE SHOES. Available at Neiman Marcus). The “poor” one is Martinez Valero’sZenith” pump in blue (available at @highheels on twitter). Can you tell the difference?

StyleScrybe’s gotta be real with you… she’s not a fan of fakes (people or designer goods).  I know, though, that not everyone can always afford real Manolos or red bottoms- self included (without standing in a line two days long at a sample sale. AHEM!) However, I tend to shy away from shoes that are almost exact look alikes of those which surpass my financial abilities and opt for shoes that are fly in their own right or that embody the style of the trend without being a complete copy. What do you think? Is it “go a head and knock it off,” or are you thinking more along the lines of “c’mon man, knock it off?” As long as the shoe is of decent quality and isn’t in violation of any trademark or copyright laws, what’s your opinion?

Just So Ya Know… Gives Instant Fashion Feedback

September 30, 2009

Opinions Are Like… (Everybody’s got one) StyleScrybe SaysRecently, StyleScrybe attended a close friend’s birthday party (for which the birthday girl made strict wardrobe requests). As I searched my favorite shops, I sent pics via text to my homies to see which “solid, brightly colored dress” hugged the right places (and hid the not-so-right ones). Thankfully, I have incredibly stylish folks in my life, and they were available when I needed them. However, what if your friends are um Glamour Black Bar candidates (stylistically challenged), don’t have free text plans or are busy when you need their eyes? Who will tell you you whether that strapless peplum dress makes you look like a fashion maven or a fashion victim? Enter,, a social network that allows you to snap a pic of yourself, send it to the site and get feedback pretty instantly. In theory, it seems like a great concept. It’s Facebook enabled, and it allows users to set up their own circle of friends. However, there’s also a public option (and from what I’m seeing, a lot of these folks aren’t that savvy). So… all of that was to say StyleScrybe isn’t likely to be asking for advice on, but she’s set up an account so she can give it. Fashrate big wigs, if you want to assemble a panel of professional emergency eyes… get at me!

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, LuLu’s Magic Maneuver dress has me feenin’)

September 29, 2009

I’ve Been Gone for a Minute (Now I’m back with the jumpoff)

Although most fashion folks’ minds are on Spring/Summer 2010, StyleScrybe is more concerned with what I can wear TODAY. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve followed who sent what down the runway (look for it in upcoming “I Wish I May” posts) and am anxiously awaiting the warmer seasons (because I’m a summer baby… and so that I can wear my interpretations of the trends). Nevertheless, we can’t walk around bukked nekkid until then. Plus, every time I turn around there’s an event to attend (can’t do a whole lot of repeating. Thanks to social media The Streets- and tweets- is Watchin). That said, I’m always excited to find really cute items at pocket-friendly prices, like this Magic Maneuvers dress from (@lulusdotcom on twitter). The on-trend back-out and bow detail, plus the two-piece look in the front make it EVERYTHING I need in an LBD. Oh, and those wing-look sleeves. (Gasp!) Check this, it’s only $56! That means I (or you) can get a new pair of ankle boots, platforms and/ or peep toes to go with it! Yep!

Guess Who’s Bizack!

September 28, 2009

After technical difficulties (nasty malware) threatened to undo everything I’ve brought you, I decided it was time to make moves. That said, I’d like to welcome you to my new e-home. The digs look a little different, but the heart’s still the same and still very much yours. Now, I do ask for your patience as I figure out this whole WordPress thing (and maybe find someone to jazz it up a little).

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, these BluBlockers have me feenin’)

August 2, 2009

Birthday Specs

In case you didn’t know, yours truly has a birthday approaching (very rapidly, and NO I won’t tell how many candles should be on the cake). I know, now you’re wondering what to get me. Don’t fret, pets. You know StyleScrybe is always thinkin’ of ya, so most of this week’s posts will be dedicated to my birthday wishlist. First up: pink BluBlockers (yeah… the ones from the infomercials). I’m not as concerned about their supposed ability to “let you see sharper, clearer and with less distortion” as I am about their funky look. Plastic aviators? Timeless! And can you GET any girlier than bubble gum pink? (read that last sentence again, and say it like Chandler from “Friends.”) Yep! feel free to send these my way, and since they’re only $38, you can throw in another too. Oh… um… not to be a pain, but they’re limited edition, so if you could get on that before they run out, it’d be great. THANKS!

Check it Out, Yo! (Check it, Check it Out: BET Rising Icons)

July 15, 2009

I Do What I Do Like I’m Doin it for TV!

I’ve said plenty of bad things about BET, but with the Rising Icons series (Sponsored by Grey Goose), I think they may be onto something. I recently attended the taping of the first episode, and must admit I thoroughly enjoyed myself (despite the bruise on my finger from their making us clap emphatically for long periods of time while I was wearing a HUGE ring). First up to the mic was Hal Linton. Never heard of him before but I definitely won’t forget him (cop that album when it comes out.) Dude’s music had that “real music” feel… you know… like something you listen to with mom, and she says “I remember when…” And he’s not bad on the eyes (even gave me a “Five Heartbeats” moment with his repeated flirtations.)

Then Ms. Chrisette Michele graced the stage. Yep, after seeing her live show, I’m giving her a permanent “Mizz” because girlie’s got it goin’ on. (I’m also recommending that you find a way to see her ASAP!) The voice, the stage presence, the interaction with the crowd… she could have just as easily mesmerized a smoke-filled jazz club audience of yesteryear as she did us. You know how they say someone’s “been here before?” Well, let’s go ahead and say that about her. (Click the Pic for more images from the day… I’m even in a few) But wait, let me not forget her gown. That thang was goddess-gorgeous! (Yes I said thang… that’s how great it looked on her). Oooh and the shoes (We couldn’t bring in cameras, but as soon as I find a pic, I’ll share!)

Now, if we could only get somebody to slip us a shot of Grey Goose…

Oops! I Did it Again! (Disappearing Acts)

July 14, 2009

Don’t Call it a Comeback…

OK, you can call it a comeback, a reappearance, or whatever you want… as long as you’re happy it’s happening. I got lost in the sauce of life for a little while, but I’m back to the grill again, and I’m cookin’ up good stuff for ya! Let’s make a deal… If I fall off a little, and you decide to miss me, comment and let me know it. Kay? Thanks!

So, How was your Fourth of July? Mine was fantastic! I got to attend the Capitol Concert and fireworks show in DC this year (and on some VIP ish in the special seats!) It was really cool seeing Barry Manilow and Aretha Franklin (what was she wearing?!), but my highlights were Natasha Bedingfield, who had on a FIERCE pair of platforms (she may have been standing extra tall, but I’m the one who got a high from those shoes!) and the Sesame Street Muppets (I sang along to almost every song!) My seat wasn’t close enough to the stage to get a clear pic, so I took one of the jumbotron.

Oh, and for the first time, I was all red, white & blue-tifully patriotic (because this year, I’m proud of the steps my country is taking… My President’s Black…). How you like my outfit? Oh, and “Check My Footwork!” (You ain’t got these!)… but you can if you hurry to Charlotte Russe (sometimes, you gotta give props to the cheapie spots). Anyway, it feels good to be back. Next post, I’ll tell you why you NEED to make sure you take advantage of ANY opportunity you get to see Chrisette Michele perform live. Stay tuned.